Sunday, October 24, 2010


North Gate High Schoolers Use Sex Appeal to Sell Car Washing Skills.

The kids at Northgate High School in Walnut Creek had a money-making scheme this past weekend. One that, for better or for worse, involved the school's water polo team wearing only regulation Speedos, standing on a street corner, and luring passersby.Now that we have your attention, this car wash benefit, at right, has stirred much controversy. It seems before Saturday's incident, area girls -- underage women, mind you -- have done the same thing, too, in high school-fundraising efforts.

A bunch of blogs/news outlets have covered this teen car wash. So I thought I would way in on this very important topic- the ethics of speedo car washes. Well, my vote is more speedo car washes. Let these boys hustle the street corners in peace god damn it! I mean really the big controversy is it is boys when I googled more on this there were endless images of cheerleading squads doing sexy car washes.

The Mayor of Claycord, who writes his own blog, posed a question: "High school kids standing on a busy street corner while wearing speedos, is it inappropriate, or just a harmless way to promote a high school water polo team's fundraiser?" What say you, readers? Are you OK with a business model that uses high schoolers' budding sex parts as a way to raise funds? Is it OK for schools, just like Disney, to prostitute their underage students for cash?

I say HELL YEAH! haha

You do not really see the football teams out hustling street corners for funding but then again would you really want to see a football team in their speedos?? I mean really.

My moral barometer does no really ding on the morality side but more on the economics of this. I mean it is pretty ridiculous schools have minors selling sex appeal to make 2-5 bucks a car you would think there would be more efficient ways to raise capital and a lot more. And if you are going to have minors shaking their ass on street corners hell raise the freaking rate of the car wash. If the cheerleaders can do it why not the boys water polo team- I mean it is only fair right ;)

..I know I am gay when the first thing that comes to mind looking at this picture is god these girls look annoying.

Really cute video

He isn't naked. He has shoes and socks on.. I think he needs to do it again! ;)

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