Thursday, October 21, 2010

FALL '10

I use to be against wearing sporting gear that was not from a real team I played on but working at Abercrombie years ago fixed all that ;) Seriously though if you are under 30 I think the Letterman jacket look is fun.

Classic saddle shoes and nice high waters.

Love shit with toggles.

..Love bow-ties

Yours truly sporting a sharp bow-tie I picked up in Georgetown at Rugby RL

You could find a sweater like this for 2 bucks at a thrift shop or just jack one of your dads.

Rugged is always attractive.

School boy looks good on chicks too ;)

..An American classic, school boy, is always a good fix.

..Spray tanned and ready for class...

..Digging the rolled up high water pants.

Very nice look.

..School boy looks good even when you are fifty.

..Yours truly

Like sweaters and blazers made out of sweat material.

I am all about juxtaposition...On the weekend when you are just hitting the dog park, a blazer and sweats look good.

..More high waters

..Yours truly... Fall in LA ;) Sporting the high water roll.

..Me and crush kickin' it on the front stoop.

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