Thursday, October 21, 2010

Keep it poppin'

I really like brightly colored pants
and usually I feel they are a spring and summer thing but I have seen a lot of them popping up in the fall and I think it looks really sharp. If you are able to pull them off, you should.

Perfection. Period.

Pants are toned down a bit but still an unusual color. He looks really good.


..Perfect! Not anyone can pull off those shoes; he looks great.

I mean come on; give me a break! Does it get better then this?!

Really nice fit, not too tight, and awesome juxtaposition.

I really like when skinny boys wear skinny jeans and they still sag a bit. Very hot look for the under 24 crowd.

Very sharp and fun.

Now, I like the look above and the pants pop but his body type and the way the pants fit just do not work for this trend. I feel even if something is "in" unless you look good you should skip it. If you are short and stocky then tight skinny leg bright pants just do not look too hot. But he still looks stylish and better then most guys walking down the street.


I like when the pants are juxtaposed with a traditional plain shirt. No one should wear a bow tie with an Abercrombie moose logo in my humble opinion. He looks like an Easter egg. Additionally, I feel more masculine guys look good in more feminine clothes- it shows confidence and playfulness and makes their masculinity stand out. If you have a more feminine gay appearance you should steer clear of this- it is all about balance.

..Exception to what I said above.

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