Sunday, October 10, 2010

I know Courtney Love is a train wreck and all but there are basically four reasons I love her. The first and most shallow is I love anyone with the name Courtney- it is such a nice name. Second, you know how you can just tell by someones smile and eyes that you would get on well together? Well, I can tell I would like her. The third, she threw her shoe at Madonna's head before interrupted a live interview and was a total train wreck to Madonna- but boy was it entertaining. You have to be pretty outrageous to top Madonna. And lastly, I really do like her raspy rocker voice and her music, every time she manages to pull it together and put something out, it is really good. (which is pretty soon I read.) I am excited to hear what she has been working on. Her new photos out are pretty bad-ass.

Her very entertaining interview crash...

What an odd couple...

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