Friday, April 30, 2010

Quotable card

The Last 29 years have been full of love, fun, beauty, knowledge, empathy and lessons. I think the next year will compound all of those wonderful things.

--Birthday card from my sister Rebecca

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tattoo Tuesday

Monday, April 26, 2010

My name is Corey and growing up my Dad was an Officer in the United States Air Force, so I’ve moved often and lived everywhere: from Spain to Maine- DENVER IS HOME.

I have always loved Denver and Colorado in general, most especially the weather and snowboarding options. So when certain factors in my life realigned I decided to finally take the jump and move to Denver and have not looked back. As a NYC transplant and new Denverite, I am really enjoying the mix of urban sophistication and outdoor adventure Denver has to offer.

My personality profile is an (ENFP) which is where I got the name attachment prone from- It seemed fitting for a blog about things I am attached to. So the ENFP is an acronym for extroverted, intuitive, feeling, perceiving- I have taken the test a few times and I have always gotten ENFP or ENTP but more times ENFP- It is pretty interesting, you can take tons of tests at click here to take your --> free jung personality test.

I have an entrepreneurial spirit and am pretty creative- so realizing that many of my ideas or insights will never be used I decided to share them in hopes they can be a catalyst for others. So in short my blog
is basically anything interesting on my radar...ideation, design, art, culture, travel, real estate, sex (all the things that interest me)

Attachment Prone is a catalyst for the culturally curious- eradicating boredom everywhere!

Welcome to the world of corey.

homo. hetero. whatever

risk taker, thrill seeker, likely to have or want a tattoo, adventurous, outgoing, social, disorganized, easily talked into doing silly things,
attachment prone, wild and crazy, acts without thinking, loving, spontaneous, good at getting people to have fun, pleasure seeking, irresponsible, physically affectionate, unprepared, attention seeking, hyperactive, irrational, loves crowds, rule breaker, prone to losing things, seductive, easily distracted, open, revealing, comfortable in unfamiliar situations, attracted to strange things, non punctual, likes to try new things, fun seeker, unconventional, likes to stand out, energetic, impulsive, empathetic, dangerous, prone to fantasy

Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Now that I know I was headed in the wrong direction- I think I can get there."

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mile "high" city

Yesterday was 420 in the Mile High City. Which was the 23rd annual 420 rally at the Denver Civic Center Park.
Back in 2005, voters here approved making Denver the first major city to legalize small amounts of marijuana. On November 7, 2007, Denver passed an initiative to make cannabis the "lowest law enforcement priority". This was the third cannabis initiative sponsored by Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation.


In addition to initiatives for advocating cannabis as a safer alternative to alcohol, Colorado has also passed legal medical marijuana, what Coloradoans are referring to as the "Green Rush"--a medical marijuana business boom. Between 2000 and 2008, the state issued only about 2,000 medical marijuana cards to patients. By 2009, that number skyrocketed to more than 60,000 due to the unlimited amount of patients the dispensaries are now able to provide care for.

Multiple places have decriminalized non-medical cannabis in the United States; however, cannabis is illegal under federal law. Gonzales v. Raich (2005) held in a 6-3 decision that the Commerce Clause of the United States Constitution allowed the federal government to ban the use of cannabis, including medical use even if local laws allow it. Most places that have decriminalized cannabis (also known as marijuana) have civil fines, drug education, or drug treatment in place of incarceration and/or criminal charges for possession of small amounts of cannabis, or have made various cannabis offenses the lowest priority for law enforcement.

Home, sweet mansion

Activist Gill, husband buying Phipps residence...

Donated to the university in the 1960s by the Phipps family, the 6.5-acre estate is valued at more than $9 million, said DU spokesman Jim Berscheidt. Proceeds from the sale of the home and tennis pavilion will be added to an existing Phipps endowment for scholarships, Berscheidt said. The property was listed for $9.2 million by The Wolfe Group of Fuller Sotheby's International Realty.

Political activist Tim Gill and his husband, Scott Miller, are buying the historic Phipps Mansion from the University of Denver in a deal expected to close by the end of the year.

The house, which the university now rents out for events, will be the couple's primary residence.

"Tim and I have been looking for a house that was very historic and that has a little bit of land so we can have a proper garden," said Miller, a wealth adviser at UBS.

The couple, who married in Massachusetts a year ago, wasted no time making an offer on the house after hearing it was for sale last month. They signed a letter of intent to purchase the 6.5-acre estate a day after touring the property.

The deal is slated to close Dec. 15 to accommodate events, including weddings, scheduled through the end of the year. "It would be bad karma for us to kick the brides out," said Gill, who founded the desktop-publishing company Quark in 1981. Gill, who is active in the Democratic Party, left the firm in 2000 to pursue philanthropic endeavors. In 1994, Gill started the Gill Foundation, which is dedicated to advancing equality by supporting nonprofit organizations that serve lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and allied individuals, as well as people with HIV/AIDS. Since its beginning, the Gill Foundation has invested more than $162 million in nonprofit organizations throughout the country.

Gill and Miller plan to renovate the kitchen and perform much-needed maintenance on the 33,123-square-foot Georgian mansion at 3400 Belcaro Drive, built between 1931 and 1933 for Sen. Lawrence Phipps and his wife, Margaret. They are not planning a gut rehab; rather, they want to maintain as much of the historic nature of the property as possible.

"Everything needs a little love," Gill said.

The artwork that now adorns the property is part of the University of Denver's collection and will be relocated to its museum, but Gill and Miller hope a few pieces will stay. "We don't want to de-Phipps the house, so we'll have to see what they say," Gill said. As they make plans for updating the house, the couple said Gill will be in charge of the garden, while Miller will handle interior design. They're moving from a home on a half-acre in Denver's Country Club neighborhood and plan to adopt a Bernese Mountain Dog in June.

Sen. Lawrence C. Phipps and his wife, Margaret, built the Georgian-style mansion and Tudor and Mediterranean-style tennis pavilion from 1931 to 1933 to create jobs during the Great Depression. The 33,123-square-foot mansion, designed by architects Fisher and Fisher, has more than 70 rooms, two of which were imported from England. The grounds were designed by Annette Hoyt Flanders, and the mansion was built by Platt Rogers Jr., Margaret Phipps' brother. Margaret Phipps gave the tennis pavilion to the University of Denver in 1960 and, with the consent of her sons, Gerald and Allen, the mansion in 1964.

Margaret Jackson: 303-954-1473 or
Fetish File- Foot Fetish- the most common form of sexual preference for otherwise non-sexual objects or body parts.[2]

Friday, April 16, 2010

Real confidence is trusting yourself no matter what, and that quality in someone means there is a sense of comfort that isn’t there otherwise- That is incredibly powerful and incredibly alluring. That ease and comfort oozes out of someone. You can see it and feel it just by being around them, even for a minute or two. They’ll smile easier, their body language will be more open and they’ll be more emotionally and intellectually open too. Perhaps most importantly, when you have real self-trust it means that you’re ready and willing to go somewhere special. It means the adventure can begin. I’m naturally a bit of a control freak– being self-employed and living alone has taught me to organize all the stuff in my life and to know what’s happening when, and how. So the last thing I want in a relationship it to do the same thing. I think an important part of a relationship – of being with someone emotionally, spiritually and physically – is letting go. That’s not the same thing as sitting on the couch, ordering pizza and having a colostomy bag fitted to avoid those tiring toilet trips. Not the same thing at all. True confidence means that we can both let go of the need to control it. It means that I can have things be easy and comfortable and be at my best and it means that we can both trust ourselves and each other to move forward. I call it free-fall. Confident people won’t necessarily show you everything of themselves all at once – quite the contrary, there’s still the process of engaging with someone and getting to know them – but with confidence you not only get to see more of who they really are, but there’s no rush or “right way” to do it.

A little bit of confidence goes a long way...

About a year or so ago I was standing in a bar in Chelsea NYC ordering a drink and I look next to me and I think, WOW Doogie Howser is next to me- I grew up loving that show. Well, next thing his friend knocks over his drink and it goes all over me. Neil Patrick grabbed a napkin and put it on my hand and helped clean up his friend's mistake while apologizing to me. And then my Russian friend next to me, who didn't even know who he was, says, "Do you always make boys this wet?" Neil's face turned bright red and he just laughed. It was cute and refreshing to see a celebrity who was so polite and down to earth. Neil Patrick Harris comes across as genuine, polite, and very confident. I'm glad to see that his career hasn't been affected by him coming out.

Actress Candis Cayne was born a boy on Maui, but now as a transgender, is heating up televsion screens on ABC's Dirty Sexy Money. You can tell Candis is a very confident and self assured individual.

A beauty that goes far deeper than simple appearance. She seems to have a weird glow, or light around her, much the way Audrey Hepburn did. An astounding Beauty of the highest caliber. Plus she is an intelligent Harvard Grad
. She is confident and genuinely humble- a girl from Long Island.

Beth Ditto, a heavy set girl from Arkansas rocks out at Fashion Awards with confidence and shows beauty comes in many different shapes and sizes. Her stage presence is magnifying and she has taken The Gossip, all the way to a major record deal with Sony Music. She is outspoken and talented- both very hot qualities.

Here are a few playful pick up lines for the bold and confident. A bit of humor and cockiness can be very sexy...

My name is Corey... Just incredible.

This is your lucky day- I just happen to be single.

You know what I like about you? My arms.

Do you have a name, or can I call you mine?

Congratulations! We just held a secret lottery, and the grand prize is a night with me.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Skins is an edgy Brit series which follows the lives and loves of shameless teenagers who get high, get drunk, get laid and get up for school while pushing boundaries and managing parents.

I just got into this series- really liking it. The cheeky sheets in the beginning of this scene are awesome.

Ari Gold is the shit


I just love how they took the time to make this number. I love it.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010


One of my favorite shows


My favorite car growing up was The Dukes of Hazard's 69 Dodge Charger. Every week my parents and I would watch
The Dukes of Hazard and I would get a peppermint patty. For Christmas my parents gifted me with a miniature kid car version of the 69 Dodge Charger- I drove that puppy all around my neighborhood for the following year or so-- Fun memory

Favorite sports car of all time- 69 Dodge Charger

Negging--You're ugly, but you intrigue me.

One of the world's great pickup artists, Mystery (aka Erik Von
Markovik) has pioneered a controversial practice known as negging, making a "subtle-yet-negative statement that puts a target off-guard and makes him/her question their perceived value"
e.g It's your lucky day--I'm on the rebound, and my standards are low.

According to Mystery, the response to a successful neg is laughter, but it also increases your target's susceptibility to advances. While anecdotal evidence suggests negging works, proceed with caution.

Here is a list to get started with...

What is a nice boy like you doing with a face like that?

I may not be the best-looking guy here, but who are you to be picky?

I sacrificed my dignity to come talk to you. The least you could do is say yes.

I thought I'd come over and give your self-esteem a boost.

I'm a sweet guy, and you clearly have a taste for sweets.

I'm feeling charitable. Wanna go out sometime?

It's your lucky day--I'm on the rebound, and my standards are low.

You looked better from across the room, but now that I'm here I might as well talk to you.

With a little surgery, you wouldn't be half bad.

Beauty is only a light switch away.

You're ugly, but you intrigue me.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


The Factory was the hip hangout for artsy types, amphetamine users, and the Warhol superstars. The Factory was Andy Warhol's original New York City studio from 1962 to 1968, although his later studios were known as The Factory as well. The Factory was located on the fifth floor at 231 East 47th Street, in Midtown Manhattan. The rent was "only about one hundred dollars a year". The building no longer exists.

Interesting read
The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (From A to B and back again.)

I snapped this pop art kitchen cabinet with my blackberry (sorry the pic is not very high def) at this open house in Denver...pretty creative idea for staging/branding a property

Me, Jessie, and maximillion

Me and Jessie

After show party

Some Fashion Week Pics

Rushed as usual

Fashion week- Gwen Stefani L.a.m.b show

Maximillion and Bianca

Back stage access

cute models from the show

Street scene outside the show

Party in the Bowery

#1 top selling recording artist of all time

Worldwide, Madonna is ranked as the number one selling female recording artist of all time. She is ranked by the Recording Industry Association of America as the best-selling female rock artist of the 20th century. Billboard magazine ranked Madonna at number two, behind only The Beatles, on the "Billboard Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists", making her the most successful solo artist in the history of the chart. London Business School academics called her a "dynamic entrepreneur" worth copying, identifying her vision of success, understanding of the music industry, ability to recognise her performance limits (and thus bring in help), hard work and ability to change, as the key to her commercial success.

My friend Max was lucky enough to be at a party with her at the opening of The Boom Boom Room at the new NYC Standard Hotel. Here are some pics he was able to snap up close. These are exclusive pictures- you will not find them anywhere else...just this blog ;)

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