Sunday, October 31, 2010

Now all they need is, "ORANGE MOCHA FRAPPUCCINOS!"

Fun idea for a Halloween party even though this was a Florida Orange themed party- pretty cool.

Happy Halloween

Friday, October 29, 2010


Porn Star

Sexy man holding penis

Fashion Baby



Sexy female


..Sexy nude boy

..Sexy Shemale


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


"Guess who's back, back again...Shady's back...

Some things have changed a bit for Em, his hair color for starters and he claims to hold a more
mature, tolerant and inclusive viewpoint in regards to women and gays. And some things have remained the same- his amazing talent as a lyricist.

He is back on this album! A huge improvement to his last...

Eminem gifted Elton John and his partner with
diamond encrusted sex toys.

Elton John just gave a fascinating, extensive interview to the Telegraph where he revealed Eminem's wedding present to him and his partner- DIAMOND ENCRUSTED COCK RINGS. LOL I actually can not think of a more suitable gift for the notorious hedonist and lavish shopaholic. He faced criticism in 2001 when he joined Eminem on stage at the Grammy awards, ignoring the controversy about the rap singer’s allegedly homophobic lyrics. Eminem has now come out in support of gay marriage. 'For our civil partnership present he gave David [Furnish] and me two diamond-encrusted cock-rings.’

My favorite Eminem track.

I never saw this video when it came out. It is pretty sick and twisted...

..New York Time's recent interview:

..Does Slim Shady, your raping and killing alter ego, still exist? Or have you split with him?

Shady still exists. But I don’t think the subjects on this record call for, you know, bring the chainsaws and axes out and murder everyone on this record. ..There was so much stuff like that off the last ..record that I felt like I was starting to run it into the ground. I think consciously I went in a different ..direction with this record.

Do you regret having written so many songs that refer to women as “bitches” and “hos” who exist solely for your pleasure?
..Anything I’ve ever said, I certainly was feeling at the time. But I think I’ve calmed down a bit. My overall look on things is a lot more mature than it ..used to be.

Even your mother sued you for defamation. Is she still in Detroit, where she raised you as a single mom?
..I’m not sure, to be honest. It’d be very hard to repair that relationship.

You’ve been accused of writing gay-bashing lyrics in the past. Would you like to see gay marriage approved in Michigan, where you live?
..I think if two people love each other, then what the hell? I think that everyone should have the chance to be equally miserable, if they want.

Is this the new, 37-year-old tolerant you?
..It’s the new tolerant me!

Compared with other rappers, you are often praised for your complex rhyme schemes. Do you read poetry?
..I don’t think I’ve ever read poetry, ever. I’m not really book-smart.

What does the title of your album refer to? What exactly are you recovering from?
..Vicodin, Valium and Ambien, and toward the end, which caused my overdose, methadone. I didn’t know it was methadone. I used to get pills wherever ..I could. I was just taking anything that anybody was giving to me.

Where did you go to rehab?
..The first time I went it was in Brighton, Mich. The second time I didn’t go to rehab. I just went to a regular hospital. I detoxed in the hospital, and then I ..came.home. I couldn’t go back to rehab. I felt like I was Bugs Bunny in rehab.

What does that mean?
..When Bugs Bunny walks into rehab, people are going to turn and look. People at rehab were stealing my hats and pens and notebooks and asking for ..autographs. ..I couldn’t concentrate on my problem.

Billboard magazine has ranked you as the best-selling artist of the past decade.What do you do with all your money?
..Save it. I save a lot of money by not buying drugs anymore. I invest. I always try to be smart. I try to treat all the money I’m making like it’s the last ..time I’m going to make it.

Do you think rap has peaked creatively?
..No. Hip-hop right now — there are certain artists who put hip-hop in a good state. There are a lot of talented people, and there’s a lot of young talent ..coming up, like B.o.B, Jay Electronica, Lupe Fiasco and Drake.

Why haven’t you planned any kind of big tour for your new album,other than two concerts with Jay-Z in September?
..Touring is hard on the body. It used to be a big trigger for me with drinking and drugging.

How do you stay sober?
..My kids, and also I see a rehab counselor once a week. I’ve been clean for two years.

Happy Father’s Day, by the way. As a divorced father of three daughters, are you a good dad?
..Yes. My kids — I love them so much, and they’ve helped me through so many things.

I wonder what they’ll think of your rousing new song,“W.T.P.,” which stands for a white-trash party. You tell the listener, “Hop in my minivan/let’s ..get rowdy.”
..Just going back to my white-trash roots.


He looks so cute in his Robin opps I mean rap boy outfit and I like when he blasts p-diddy... "Fuck you p-diddy."

lol, the dude in the red hat could at least learn all the words!! But it is pretty amazing how all three know most of the words and create their own video- it is cute and fun to watch but how can people argue media/rap/video games do not affect the youth. I mean the kids are lipsyncing to being at a strip club then bringing home a slut and gangbanging her. In all credit to Eminem at least he shakes his own ass and gifts us with lots of pants dropping because damn he has a nice ass and has no problem dropping his drawers often. He is one drity boy- well not really a boy anymore but hot as hell still.

Cute even in his mugshot.

"Caught up between being a father and a primadonna."- Eminem

A shorty like me- same height. He is representin' ;-)

Interesting lyrics....3:00-3:20 "Here is your chance, yeah boy shake that ass, opps I mean girl. girl girl girl you know your my world... oh boy just touch my body oops I mean girl, just touch my body."

Having already offended millions of people across the world, especially women and homosexuals, the superstar rapper Eminem is now back in the hotseat over a 10-year-old track in which he refers to black women as "dumb chicks" and says he will in future date only white girls.

A widely read hip-hop magazine called The Source is using the track as part of a campaign to denounce Eminem, a white performer in a predominantly black world, as a closet racist. The rapper Benzino, a co-founder of the magazine, has previously denounced Eminem as "a rap David Duke, a rap Hitler, a culture-stealer" and now seems intent on bringing him down.

The Source
has unearthed two old tracks, only one of which Eminem has acknowledged as his, in which he makes derogatory comments with a racial component.

On the unacknowledged track, a singer calling himself Eminem refers to "that nigger shit". On the acknowledged track, he raps: "Blacks and whites they sometimes mix/But black girls only want your money 'cause they're dumb chicks/Don't date a black girl/If you do it once you won't do it twice/Black girls are dumb, and white girls are good chicks."

The racism charge clearly has the potential to do real damage to Eminem, in a way that even venom-spitting at "fags" and "bitches" cannot. He put out a statement explaining: "The tape ... was something I made out of anger, stupidity and frustration when I was a teenager. I'd just broken up with my girlfriend, who was African American, and I reacted like the angry, stupid kid I was. I hope people will take it for the foolishness that it was, not for what somebody is trying to make it into today."

Initial reaction to the controversy suggests Eminem has plenty of sympathisers. The tone of many of his songs suggest he is an equal-opportunity insult-hurler, not someone fixated on race. Many people are interpreting the stand-off with Benzino as a class rap "battle", in which any form of attack is considered justifiable.

Eminem has called Benzino the "softest, fakest wanna-be gangster in New York".

I respect Eminem's talent, but the man child has got issues...

It is funny to imagine them together, I bet she is a handful and extremely high maintenance, I can not picture Eminem being her type or vice versa.

In Eminem's song "Bagpipes From Baghdad," an angry rant in which Slim Shady begs for

Mariah Carey back and disses Nick Cannon, Eminem says, "Nick Cannon better back...up. I'm not playing, I want her back, you punk" and "Nick Cannon, pr---, I wish you luck with that f---in' whore."

Nick then responded with some extremely lengthy blog rant. Nick claims that Eminem's song is "an act of racist bigotry."

Eminem talked to BBC Radio about his stupid track, saying,

"With the song, I kind of spazzed out on that record, but I guess I spazzed out on every record. There's a line on there that was a little harsh. It's a ..harsh line... But it's like this, the way I look at it. I had no idea he was going to take it like he took it. I had no idea Nick Cannon was going to start ..wildin' out on me.

"I heard about some of the things he was saying. I didn't read his blog or anything. But it is what it is. He's supposed to defend his wife, and I expected ..him to do that. But at the end of the day, it's a line I said. It's a song. What I actually meant to say is, I wish them the best. That's what I meant to ..say. That's the whole message of the record."

Hahahahahaha! Eminem wishes you well when he calls you a f*ckin' whore?

I had no idea that "Nick Cannon better back...up. I'm not playing, I want her back, you punk" was a salute to the future of someone's marriage.

..I guess "I want her back" actually translates into "And so, I wish you adieu, with well wishes for a lengthy coupling" in crazy drugged-up rap boy speak.

I personally think Eminem's "apology" is a joke and he is really just mocking Nick even more.

Eminem KILLED Mariah lyrically in this spat...My favorite line "You gonna ruin my career than you better get one." In reference to her husband- pretty ..cold.

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