Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bieber Fever
...I like Justin Bieber; There I said it!

Justin Bieber has more views on all of his videos than any other artist on youtube, using the word artist loosely, but I must not be the only one who likes watching this cute kid his debut video "One Time" has approximately 400 million views compared to Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" with only 43 million views. Micheal Jackson's Thriller has only 79 million views and maybe it is just the younger generation uses YouTube more but even his fellow young pop stars Miley Cyrus and Taylor swift are in the 50-100 million range. All the other major pop artists do not come close to Bieber's numbers. He was discovered on YouTube, so I guess it is fitting he is number one on there, but he is also number one on twitter. Usher and Justin Timberlake, both who've started their own record labels, were in a bidding war for Bieber and Usher won. Bieber and his mom then moved from Ontario Canada down to Atlanta where Usher is headquartered. He was recently anointed with the title, biggest pop star in the world, by People Magazine and based on album sales alone, it's not very far-fetched. Only Lady Gaga, in his genre, can really compete with Bieber on the charts. I think he is entertaining and a cute kid but definitely do not understand why he is a sex symbol heartthrob and is currently the number one in sales and fans. Timberlake must be kicking himself.

Not sure if I am reading into this, and I have sunken to a new personal low for even pondering a Justin Bieber song, but nonetheless the song is titled, I just need "somebody" to love. And from 3:20-3:39 he fluctuates back and forth between the word she to he. "Is she out there?" to "Is he out there." and back and forth between the two before ending the lil jam with he just needs somebody to love. A bit bi if you ask me ;)

REALLY??! A drama Queen in the making! This video is simultaneously cute and creepy.

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