Sunday, October 3, 2010

Had a serendipitous run-in
with a corporate life coach who works with
athletes, performers, entrepreneurs and a variety of other clients. He travels world-wide to assist with successful outcomes. He took an interest in me and we talked for over an hour- amazing how life can deliver a message right when you need it.

Ready to make this excursion through life even more amazing...

... feeling grateful and energized.

This is his philosophy:

There are many different modalities, therapies and ways of accomplishing things and there is no one right way for everyone. We are all individuals, that said, there is always a solution no matter what the problem is. There is no therapy that can take away what has happened to us in the past, those experiences which become memories are there in our cells, tissues, organs and of course our brain. All therapy can do is to change the way we feel about what happened or change our reaction to what happened so that when that inevitable reminder comes up again it doesn't have the same charge as it once did. Traditional therapy keeps talking about the problem and dissecting it and putting it through an examination process which is lengthy and at the same time keeps it alive as if it is being repeated over and over again. As far as our bodies are concerned as the emotions keep getting activated it cannot differentiate if what is happening is real or created from the mind. The memory being reactivated has almost the same effect on the body as it did when the first occurrence happened, biofeedback can demonstrate the effect of this with graphic heart rate and pulse rates on screen- As do the latest brain imaging scanners.

I specialize in getting to the core root cause quickly, offering a truthful, believable other interpretation of what happened to bring peace immediately and to bring peace when it becomes reactivated in the mind. There is no need to keep it alive as it happened and cannot be changed- only learned from. I offer solutions to move a person forward towards what they want, based upon positivity, no meaningful change can occur if we dwell on the negativity (not that it isn't real). Whether it is about our self, others or the situation we are in, no matter how dire the situation may seem, there has to be at least one positive element involved. Everything is energy including ourselves and our thoughts so there has to be one negative force and one positive force, there can be many more of either one, there will always be at a minimum of one of each.

It is widely accepted that what ever you focus on expands, thought wise if we focus on positive aspects we see more of that and the opposite is true as well. Likewise with something that is to the forefront of our minds such as our new red car, all of a sudden we start seeing more red cars, same is true on traits, if someone has lied to us, then suddenly everyone seems to be lying to us.

By directing our thoughts to positive aspects about ourselves, others or the situation we are faced with, we see more of that which starts progress and better feelings which in turn affirms more hope and the building of momentum towards what we want and eventually success.

My solutions are simple and easy to do for a very good reason, if it is hard and difficult it activates struggle again and that is usually where people have the problem to begin with, so it offers nothing different. Change can only occur when we do something different than that which is producing the current results. If it is easy people are more willing to do it.

I am not matched with people who become too intellectual about it or those who think it is too easy, they believe that their problem is big and deserves a lot of hard work and struggle and will take time. Such as the client who at first didn't believe that in order to lose weight she should get happy no matter what and eat what she felt like eating in the moment she was happy, it goes against conventional thinking and beliefs, yet it did work when she got on board.

That is what I do, easy, simple, positive and successful.

He is originally from Scotland and is available for 30 or 60 minute appointments, either in person here in Colorado, or by telephone anywhere in the world. His rates vary between 100-175 dollars an hour. He has a good vibe and is very honest, non-judgment, and clear in his communication. He has helped me out a lot in only three sessions. If interested contact me and I will pass on his business information and contact number.

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