Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I loved Six Feet Under, probably my favorite tv series ever until True Blood. And then I come to find out the series creator for true blood, Alan ball, previously was with Six Feet Under...

Series creator Alan Ball had previously worked with premium cable channel HBO on
Six Feet Under, which ran five seasons. In October 2005, after Six Feet Under's series finale, Ball signed a two-year agreement with HBO to develop and produce original programming for the network. True Blood became the first project under the deal, after Ball became acquainted with Charlaine Harris's Southern Vampire Mystery books.[6] One day, while early for a dental appointment, Ball was browsing through Barnes and Noble and came across Dead Until Dark, the first installment in Harris's series. Enjoying it, he read the following entries and became interested in "bringing [Harris's] vision to television".[6][7] However, Harris already had two other adaptation options for the books. He said she chose to work with him, though, because "[Ball] really ‘got’ me. That’s how he convinced me to go with him. I just felt that he understood what I was doing with the books.”

The countdown for season 3 begins- we are getting close...

My favorite scene from True Blood, when Jason and Amy do V together and have a drug induced surreal love scene...

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