Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Food, drink, and health care policy

Our beach cruisers (just for the record mine is NOT the bike with a leopard seat) ;)

Creative bike racks

Front stoopin' it with my homeboy Crush

Crushers taking a nap

ready to roll

It isn't a visit to SoCal if you don't hit up IN-N-OUT burger

Road trip junk food secured

Hitting up the Desert Hills outlets enroute

How Monica rolls

Food, wine, and healthcare policy

Showing my support while having no clue what anyone is speaking about- but the grub was great ;)

Cutting a rug at the Marriott hotel in house club hahahaha

Keep 'em coming

New pool party friends

life is good ;)

Post pool party about to pass out.

Nothing like a cup of joe to help me recover from boozing it up.

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