Friday, April 16, 2010

Real confidence is trusting yourself no matter what, and that quality in someone means there is a sense of comfort that isn’t there otherwise- That is incredibly powerful and incredibly alluring. That ease and comfort oozes out of someone. You can see it and feel it just by being around them, even for a minute or two. They’ll smile easier, their body language will be more open and they’ll be more emotionally and intellectually open too. Perhaps most importantly, when you have real self-trust it means that you’re ready and willing to go somewhere special. It means the adventure can begin. I’m naturally a bit of a control freak– being self-employed and living alone has taught me to organize all the stuff in my life and to know what’s happening when, and how. So the last thing I want in a relationship it to do the same thing. I think an important part of a relationship – of being with someone emotionally, spiritually and physically – is letting go. That’s not the same thing as sitting on the couch, ordering pizza and having a colostomy bag fitted to avoid those tiring toilet trips. Not the same thing at all. True confidence means that we can both let go of the need to control it. It means that I can have things be easy and comfortable and be at my best and it means that we can both trust ourselves and each other to move forward. I call it free-fall. Confident people won’t necessarily show you everything of themselves all at once – quite the contrary, there’s still the process of engaging with someone and getting to know them – but with confidence you not only get to see more of who they really are, but there’s no rush or “right way” to do it.

A little bit of confidence goes a long way...

About a year or so ago I was standing in a bar in Chelsea NYC ordering a drink and I look next to me and I think, WOW Doogie Howser is next to me- I grew up loving that show. Well, next thing his friend knocks over his drink and it goes all over me. Neil Patrick grabbed a napkin and put it on my hand and helped clean up his friend's mistake while apologizing to me. And then my Russian friend next to me, who didn't even know who he was, says, "Do you always make boys this wet?" Neil's face turned bright red and he just laughed. It was cute and refreshing to see a celebrity who was so polite and down to earth. Neil Patrick Harris comes across as genuine, polite, and very confident. I'm glad to see that his career hasn't been affected by him coming out.

Actress Candis Cayne was born a boy on Maui, but now as a transgender, is heating up televsion screens on ABC's Dirty Sexy Money. You can tell Candis is a very confident and self assured individual.

A beauty that goes far deeper than simple appearance. She seems to have a weird glow, or light around her, much the way Audrey Hepburn did. An astounding Beauty of the highest caliber. Plus she is an intelligent Harvard Grad
. She is confident and genuinely humble- a girl from Long Island.

Beth Ditto, a heavy set girl from Arkansas rocks out at Fashion Awards with confidence and shows beauty comes in many different shapes and sizes. Her stage presence is magnifying and she has taken The Gossip, all the way to a major record deal with Sony Music. She is outspoken and talented- both very hot qualities.

Here are a few playful pick up lines for the bold and confident. A bit of humor and cockiness can be very sexy...

My name is Corey... Just incredible.

This is your lucky day- I just happen to be single.

You know what I like about you? My arms.

Do you have a name, or can I call you mine?

Congratulations! We just held a secret lottery, and the grand prize is a night with me.

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