Monday, April 26, 2010

My name is Corey and growing up my Dad was an Officer in the United States Air Force, so I’ve moved often and lived everywhere: from Spain to Maine- DENVER IS HOME.

I have always loved Denver and Colorado in general, most especially the weather and snowboarding options. So when certain factors in my life realigned I decided to finally take the jump and move to Denver and have not looked back. As a NYC transplant and new Denverite, I am really enjoying the mix of urban sophistication and outdoor adventure Denver has to offer.

My personality profile is an (ENFP) which is where I got the name attachment prone from- It seemed fitting for a blog about things I am attached to. So the ENFP is an acronym for extroverted, intuitive, feeling, perceiving- I have taken the test a few times and I have always gotten ENFP or ENTP but more times ENFP- It is pretty interesting, you can take tons of tests at click here to take your --> free jung personality test.

I have an entrepreneurial spirit and am pretty creative- so realizing that many of my ideas or insights will never be used I decided to share them in hopes they can be a catalyst for others. So in short my blog
is basically anything interesting on my radar...ideation, design, art, culture, travel, real estate, sex (all the things that interest me)

Attachment Prone is a catalyst for the culturally curious- eradicating boredom everywhere!

Welcome to the world of corey.

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