Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Thaaaat's Yaaaacht!"

The Origami yacht designed by the “Millennium Yacht Design Awards” winner Fabio Federici, is a multipurpose yacht that allows you to experience the sea like never before. With the yacht’s design to epitomize your seagoing experience, this concept yacht features a unique and multi-functional deck that allows you to use it just as you desire. Differing form the classical yacht designs, the Origami yacht features flowing and elongate lines to have a more simple but original design. Combining performance of a modern yacht, the Origami with its distinctive feature to close the wings during navigation makes it fast and aerodynamic, while at anchor, the yacht opens its walls fully to allow the user enjoy greater space on the main bridge with a sea view of 360 degrees. While the project is still on the papers, the estimated price would be around 6 million Euros.

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