Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pocket Rockets

Me testing out this pocket rocket...

Pretty ridiculous looking but this puppy is no joke. It goes fast!

These look like sport bikes and are used to race (Pocketbike racing) on tracks used for kart racing. The usual size of these bikes less than 50cm in height and 1 meter in length. The engine usually packs a 39cc to 50cc two-stroke engine with a maximum of 17-18 horsepower. Maximum speed varies between 30 to 90 km/h. Pocketbikes are available in both gasoline and electric versions. The popularity of these types of minibikes grew due to the influx of cheap pocket bikes imported from China. Brands from P.R. China are V-Racer and Sendai. A pocket bike is a miniature version of a Grand Prix (GP) motorcycle. GP moto is the nickname for a racing motorcycle. So, in general, a pocketbike is a scaled-down replica of a GP motorcycle. There are two engine types that pocketbikes come in. The most common pocketbikes are two-stroke engine ones, although newer designs are pointing towards the creation of four-stroke units - due to even-more restricting pollution laws.

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