Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Saddest interview EVER- but damn is he cute

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Truthfully he would not really need to know any of those questions or even have an opinion on those topics to be Mayor of Wasilla. I like how he says at 4:42 He does not believe in abstinence- at least he is honest haha I can not believe he sat through that interview, the host was pretty rude. That was a mean interview; I kind of feel bad for him. lol Maybe it is just bc he is cute. It is entertaining though that he is running to be Mayor and does not even live there and now is getting a reality show to cover his run for mayor--Got to love America. I featured his playgirl hockey spread awhile back but found other pictures I had not seen before I am sharing now. Damn he is smoking hot....young, dumb, with a nice bum!

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