Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Did a double Feature last night...

...the money I saved was spent at the concession bar; a small soda and twizzlers were $10.50! The price of the two movies and snacks were well worth ..the 20 bucks though.

I busted out loud in laughter at a few scenes and by the end you could hear all the women sniffling from crying. There were a few parts that were super deep and emotional. Both actors are so enjoyable to watch, besides the 5 million sex scenes with tons of nudity, just their faces are both so expressive. I really connected with Jake Gyllenhaal's character Jamie. He is an add underachiever in the beginning who even as an adult tries to win his parents approval while simultaneously resenting them and he uses his charm and sex appeal to get through life until he meets Anne Hathaway's character who helps bring out the best in Jamie. Jamie ends up needing her in a slightly narcissistic but cute way- It is a really funny and touching story.


I heard the bad reviews so I wasn't expecting much- the critics were dead wrong. It was A.MAZ.ING. Both Cher and Christina can sing so fucking well. I was expecting the movie to be a bit corny and it wasn't at all. The writing was witty and the story and plot-line all tied together really well. Cher's opening song was really good but due to all the botox and plastic surgery she did look a bit like Amanda LePore (a transsexual icon with way too much plastic surgery) and during certain parts in the movie she was unable to show real facial emotion but it wasn't that big of a deal and she is in her 60's. Ultimately what people love about Cher, her toughness, voice, and humor all shine through. But Christina was the real surprise, we all know she can sing, but she can really act. Christina's character Ally, is very endearing. The juxtaposition of Ally's emotional depth and her naivete is electrifying and engrossing to watch- her youthful energy is refreshing and contagious. I walked out of the movie feeling really good- which is the point of a feel good musical. You are rooting for her as she struggles to navigate this new exciting and confusing terrian- a Burlesque lounge that she stumbles upon after buying a one way ticket from Iowa to LA. Cher's character Tess, sums up Ally in one line, "She doesn't have a voice like that from having it easy." Ally struggles between having a pseudo sugar daddy older businessman, "who can make things happen" for her and her budding love for her roommate slash bartender slash song writer who never completes any of the songs he starts writing. I usually find musicals to kind of fall flat on the big screen but this one doesn't. And the real hidden gem was Cam Gigandet, who played Christina Aguilera's love interest/roommate/bartender at the Burlesque lounge- damn he is SMOKING HOT. But beyond being really really really attractive he is charming, funny and a very good leading man. The trailer does not give the movie justice. It was REALLY REALLY good.

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