Tuesday, November 16, 2010

M-Audio Keystation 88es USB MIDI controller keyboard

I found a bunch of great reviews on youtube of the M-Audio 88 keyboard and watched a few people play it online. I bought it from www.sweetwater.com and I do not give out compliments often on customer service but they were super professional. An American English speaking person, Sales Engineers, call and review your order before it is shipped out. It arrived when they said it would, in perfect condition, and randomly they put lots of candy inside the box with a thank-you card. It is the best deal you will find on a USB MIDI controller semi-weighted keyboard for just over 200.00 dollars. Below is a kid off youtube using an M-Audio--There are other more technical reviews as well---just enter in "M-Audio Review" in browser search.

The M-Audio Keystation 88es USB MIDI controller keyboard puts a full-sized natural-feeling 88-key keyboard into a very lightweight and compact unit! The Keystation 88es features velocity-sensitive, semi-weighted keys for natural feel and expressive playability, allowing you to get the most out of your virtual instruments and software synths. This controller includes an assignable slider that doubles as a volume control, data up/down buttons, an advanced programming function button, and pitchbend and mod wheels. You also get easy easy connectivity to computers and external devices with the 88es.

Grant A.K.A Landon Gadoci, below, is my inspiration for wanting to learn to play the piano. I love watching his youtube channel. Ok, I cannot sing and it will take years to get as good as him but still excited for my new electronic toy and will have fun trying ;) I will upload a video when I get halfway decent. The piano lessons my parents forced me to take when I was younger, which must be somewhere in my subconscious, hopefully will help. If not, the cool thing about the M-Audio is it hooks up to your computer and you can take free piano lessons via youtube. It has weighted keys too so it feels like a piano. It is perfect for city living when you do not have much space and is way cheaper than a Piano.


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