Monday, April 4, 2011

Middle Class Comfort

One does not have to be loaded in order to have a nice and comfortable abode...

Cozy man cave. Nice plaid chair!

Marble or even faux marble beats granite anyday.

I like when art is propped up against a wall- it is modest, unpretentious, and casual.

Nice dog-house-end-table.

Yellow and blue always look good together.

Another example- painting a door is a pretty inexpensive way to make it pop.

I like when knives are put up on the wall.

Very good use of space- some lemons or fresh flowers would make it better and are obtainable even on a budget.

I hate granite countertops- this is so much more appealing to me.

Rustic, minimal, and clean. By having less stuff you can spend more on what you do have.

Cozy and calming.

Masculine and stylish.


Again, I REALLY like gray walls.

Cool retro stove beats the popular stainless steel option in my opinion.

Love black and white floors- even linoleum.
In fact that is the only case where I like linoleum.

Nice floor and door knob.

Way to make a small room/bed very cozy and inviting.

Nothing fancy here, just a neat and organized workspace.

Ok, getting a little higher end here but the ceiling is what I am focusing on.

I like the old TV, white brick wall, and the blinds.
Even faux wood blinds beat the cheap white metal ones.

Again, I love white brick.

Yes, Please More White Brick...

Cool painted pine floors and modern bed.

Keep calm and carry on...Not a bad motto

Everything about this room is perfect.

Yellow is a hard color and this mustard shade is perfect.

Now that is what I call a kitchen! Ok not exactly middle class, more upper middle class bordering on rich, but what I am focusing on in this pic is the bowl of lemons. I notice design magazines always have bowls of bright lemons. It is a cheap way to make your kitchen pop.

Seeing my degree is in History I always think it is cool to tie something from your geographic area into your home. Here is Frank Sinatra's mug shot in a bathroom in Bergen County, NJ -where he is from. Other options are maps of your area or even old historic pictures of the same block you live on from 50 or 100 years ago.

Cool "Lover not a fighter" floor mat from target- It puts people in a good mood, even if just subconsciously, making them more comfortable as they enter your space. Also this plant makes the English basement entrance more inviting.

I like in small rooms to put two twin beds side by side instead of a full or queen bed. It is cozy and more functional.

Another example of twin beds side by side. Also stepping onto a very comfy sheepskin or faux fur rug is a great way to greet the day. You can grab a sheepskin rug for 29 bucks at ikea.

A cheap way to upgrade your bathroom is installing a nice shower head. Also dark walls in bathrooms with adjustable lighting is essential. You can get a light dimmer for 10 bucks at ace hardware.

Cool way to have extra towels displayed.

Sometimes getting creative with space is a good way to save money especially in larger cities. You can turn a living room into an extra bedroom and get a roommate and save money...

...Which is what my friends I did when I was living in DC. When you are young working professionals and everyone is busy the city should be your living room. It is almost like everyone has there own separate studio. It made rent much cheaper not having a shared living room. it isn't for everyone but worked for us.

Pic of my old room inside our converted living room. Another option for people who have tons of clothes and not enough closet space is turning the living room/dining area into a studio-loft-like-space then converting the bedroom into a walk-in closet.

I like the black & white print of my parents when they where younger. It is placed in a modest and simple plastic frame. Family pictures in black & white are less pricey than art and way more appealing than faux art. I HATE faux art; like the shit people get at TGMAX which makes their home look like a staged model house.

Another thing at my parent's home I like, that is fairly easy and inexpensive to do, is stenciling a quote or motto you like on your wall.


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