Tuesday, November 30, 2010

LovEvolution San Fransisco

I took these pics at The Ultimate San Francisco LovEvolution Festival Party... now the the largest electronic dance music festival in the North America. Monicali and me were lovin life ...

Techno Hippie Bus

Free sex below ;)

I am not dressed the part but hey I am 28 not 22- still having fun

Love at first sight! He loved getting his picture taken and I loved taking it.

To the right, to the right people...

Techno hippies lovin life

Hello my name is Mustard.

I say both ;-)

Monicali in the mix

Techno Wonderwoman

More techno hippies

techno bunnies

dancing to deadmua5

(back) art

Nice shades

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I am starting to actually like her...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

swimming pool culture in Southern California

Michael Childress Photography

Glamour and leisure, sex and voyeurism, consumerism and status, and fun and family: This is swimming pool culture in Southern California. And it’s the subject of an unprecedented collaboration of curators, historians, academics, critics, and artists, who converge on Palm Springs for a two-day symposium (Nov. 20-21) called “Backyard Oasis: The Swimming Pool in Southern California Photography, 1945-1980.”

In February 2012, Palm Springs Art Museum will mount an exhibition with the same title.

Meanwhile, this brain trust will examine the impact of the swimming pool on post-World War II social and artistic cultures in Southern California. “It explores how the image of water, exemplified by the backyard pool, created a regional identity, embraced by its inhabitants, and promoted to the world at large,” according to the event’s organizers.

“Backyard Oasis” is part of “Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. 1945-1980,” a $10 million Getty Foundation initiative that assembles more than 60 regional cultural institutions to tell the story of the birth of the Los Angeles art scene. The programs continue through April 2012.

“What began as an effort to document the milestones in this region’s artistic history has expanded to become a great creative landmark in itself,” says Deborah Marrow, interim president and CEO of the J. Paul Getty Trust. “In fact, the story of ‘Pacific Standard Time’ is so big, it needs this region-wide collaboration to tell it.”

Other institutions participating in “Pacific Standard” Time include LACMA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Hammer Museum, the Getty Museum, more than half a dozen university museums and programs in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, and Santa Barbara.

The “Backyard Oasis” symposium unfolds at Palm Springs Art Museum, with three addresses and panel discussions: “Suburbia and the Cold War,” “Changing Perceptions: Selling the Backyard Oasis,” “What Happened to Suburbia: A View from the Artist’s Studio,” and Donald Albrecht’s keynote address, “Hollywood Aquacade.”

It continues the following morning at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs with a program including two more panels — “Public and Private Space” and “Modern Design for Living” — followed by a pool tour sponsored by the museum’s Architecture and Design Council

RESERVATIONS: Call the museum box office at 1-760-325-4490

EDITOR’S NOTE: A virtual hub for “Pacific Standard Time,” www.pacificstandardtime.org, offers an informational and experiential portal for the project. Visitors can design their own tours of the exhibitions and programs, download them to handheld devices, and carry the information along on their route.

Palm Springs Art Museum
101 Museum Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92262

Notice anything unusual about Santa Carla?

..Awesome robe 00:57-1:00 "MY OWN BROTHER A GOD DAMN SHIT SUCKING VAMPIRE" lol classic

.A new family moves into a small California town, and the teenage son is immediately taken with a local girl, only to ..discover that she (and most of the town youth) are vampires! It's up to his younger brother to save the day in this ..stylish and offbeat horror film.

...LOVE this movie



Hatsune Miku: Japanese HOLOGRAPH Plays Sold Out Concerts

In what is surely a terrible omen not only for musicians but also the continued existence of the world as we know it, holographs are now playing sold out ..concerts in, where else, Japan.

Holographic idol Hatsune Miku is the creation of the group Crypton Future Media, using software from Vocaloid, and the group has put the avatar on tour ..with a live band. The sight of thousands of screaming fans waving glow sticks while the the holograph "performs" on stage is straight out of a science ..fiction novel.

-Huffington Post

Not really feeling this band lol but it is an interesting concept.

Loving this song!

And this one...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Devil's Pool

The Victoria Falls are some of the most famous, considered by some to be among the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.[1] David Livingstone, the Scottish missionary and explorer, is believed to have been the first European recorded to view the Victoria Falls — which he did from what is now known as 'Livingstone Island' in Zambia, the only land accessible in the middle of the falls.[2] David Livingstone gave the falls the name 'Victoria Falls' in honour of his Queen, but the indigenous name of 'Mosi-oa-Tunya' — literally meaning the 'Smoke that Thunders' — is also well known.

A famous feature is a naturally formed pool known as the Devil's Pool, near the edge of the falls, accessed via Livingstone Island in Zambia. When the river flow is at a safe level, usually during the months of September and December, people can swim as close as possible to the edge of the falls within the pool without continuing over the edge and falling into the gorge; this is possible due to a natural rock wall just below the water and at the very edge of the falls that stops their progress despite the current.[15][16] Even so, an average of one person per year dies while swimming in Devil's Pool.[17]

Terry Rogers

Terry Rogers is best known for his large figurative oil paintings of American society and culture- Oil on Linen
. At his website you can purchase books of his work The Apotheosis of Pleasure and Dimensions of Ambiguity.

The Apotheosis of Pleasure
, published by TORCH Books of Amsterdam, is the first comprehensive full-color catalogue to feature the work of this artist who will surely be recognized as on of the most important painters of the early 21st century.

Dimensions of Ambiguity
includes more than 50 new works — selected in conjunction with the artist. It is accompanied by ‘The blessing and curse of sex appeal—You just might get what you ask for’, an insightful critical essay by Dr. Eva Karcher, the acclaimed author of Otto Dix, 1891-1969: His life and works (Taschen, 2002). In this piece Dr. Karcher investigates the ambiguities of contemporary desire as portrayed by RODGERS; and provides a thorough art historical background to its iconography and the artist’s working methods. Dimensions of Ambiguity alternates views of Rodgers’ new paintings in their whole with chosen details and close-ups. In this manner the reader is able to appreciate the fragmented and delicate brushwork that underlies Rodger’s grandes machines, which remains invisible to the distant eye.

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