Sunday, November 14, 2010

Denver Underground

Communikey electronic art festival, picture plane hi-dive, Rhinoceropolis, Tree house collective, Bash back, cluster studios, 2 am- Santa Fe Arts district- random going out in Denver last few weeks...


A fag for 50 cents?!?! What a deal! I will take two in that case

All funds were raised for the Denver chapter of Bash Back (Not 'Gay' as in 'happy'. 'Queer' as in 'fuck you'.

Bash Back!
is a network of radical, anarchist and anti-authoritarian queer projects within the United States, formed in Chicago in 2007 to facilitate a convergence of radical trans and queer activists from around the country. [1] Bash Back! seeks to critique the ideology of mainstream LGBT movement, which the group sees as assimilation into the dominant institutions of a heteronormative society. Bash Back! is noticeably influenced by the anarchist movement and radical queer groups, such as ACT UP and Gay Shame, and takes inspiration from the Stonewall and White Night riots.[2]

Travis from Rhinoceropolis pre-arrest at protest...I really like this picture

Cool grainy pic of me

Bad Luck City

Random after party at this artist's (April) studio

Warehouse district party

Yeah, what he said.

Cool signage_ Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go

Communikey- Denver Party at Cluster Studios

Quick road trip to Boulder

Travis (picture plane) @ Hi-Dive

Never hide the mess- In fact put a strobe light on it

It's probably not a stretch to assume that Travis Egedy, who operates as
Pictureplane out of a converted Denver warehouse he's dubbed "Rhinoceropolis", took the name from the 2D art concept that describes the surface of the chosen medium. Painters and draftspeople are most often stuck with a flat surface, and it's up to their own techniques how "deep" they want to make it. Egedy's own canvas is flat out of practical concerns: He uses cheap computer programs and patched-together synths because, well, he's a performance artist living in Denver and probably doesn't have a lot of money. As a result, a busy track like "Trance Doll (Post-World Dub)", despite frequent nods to deep house, dub, and trance, is all frenetic surface action, like Gang Gang Dance's wonderful "House Jam" on a jittery Sparks fix. Those ethereal, echoed female moans are just a wee bit behind the sliced up cathedral synths and antsy drum machines, and the song shifts from glo-stick to comedown, and back, faster than you can say, "The cops are here." He's working in miniature, his palette is limited, and though he's more than eager to please, the colors he's working with deserve a much-more 3D space.

— Eric Harvey

Post 2 a.m

My pad

Max, Stef, and me

Me and the boys

Me and the girls

Attacked by a cougar

Max fell prey too

Stefanie and Max tearin it up at Tree House Collective afterhours in Santa Fe Arts District

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